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March 23, 2017

It’s no secret that I love to travel! Road trips, train journeys, long flights – you name it, and I’m game! When you are traveling, comfort is the first and foremost priority. Comfortable clothing, light packing, planned itinerary – all these are things that make your life simpler and hassle free when you are on the go. But at times Aunt Flo gives you a visit at a time when you are least expecting it, and things just go south from there. There have been times when I had to change my travel plans because it coincided with my period date. And that can be a total bummer! A coupe of times, when I couldn’t afford to postpone my travel plans, I resorted to taking tablets to postpone my period, and that’s not a good thing at all in the long run.

Cramps, heavy flows, frequent hunt for a ‘clean washroom’ (Can’t stress how important that is!), back aches, and general loss of appetite and fatigue are symptoms that you deal with when you are on the road. Comfort of course is priority! When I came across Whisper’s new Ultrasoft, I wanted to see if this could solve my problem and make my travel life much easier.

So here’s my experience on using this:

2X softer & gentle

Bye-Bye plastic feel, and hello soft cotton! Whisper UltraSoft has a very soft cotton upper layer that makes it, well, soft! The rough porous plastic layer is gone, which makes it much much more comfortable and ‘breathable’ when touching your skin.

No Itching, no rash

Rashes are common specially during hot and humid days. With the comfortable fabric that it has, it doesn’t leave any room for rashes of any sort

Long lasting

Under the top cotton layer, is a gel layer, under which is a secondary cotton layer. And finally you have the plastic layer. So the cotton and gel increase the absorbancy of the pad, making sure that there is no uncomfortable wetness anywhere.

Sit any way you want

Like I mentioned, the absorbancy rate is really good, and within seconds the pad dries up. So sit comfortably in any position you want, and lie down without any fear of leakage!

Whisper has always been a brand that focuses on providing women with the confidence they need to go out there and do everything that they ever dreamed of doing, without any restrictions.

They strive to make those five days of the month just like any other day, so that you don’t hold yourself back in doing what you love.

Your needs must be your priority, and opting for some of the best sanitary solutions like the New Whisper Ultra Soft, that provide you with that additional ‘comfort factor’, is absolutely necessary.





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