All you need to know about getting an engagement ring custom-made

October 17, 2017

There is no doubt you want your engagement ring to be a story starter for many years. Below, we discuss the do’s and don’ts when getting your engagement ring custom-made.

  1. Make an Informed Decision

Before you plunge right into planning your custom ring, you should understand all the pros and cons involved with turning your idea into a reality. There are loads of benefits when you get custom made jewellery from Ringleaders, particularly engagement rings, including:

  • Your unique ring will showcase your values and interests.
  • Your ring will feel creative and a reflect of your own personality.
  • No one else will have one like it.
  • A unique design is sure to capture attention and be a conversation starter for many years.
  • A custom-made ring is a symbol of your relationship.

However, there are a few trade-offs to keep in mind if you want to get your engagement ring custom-made, such as:

  • It may be costlier than a non-custom ring. But, how much more will depend on how elaborate a design you want.
  • It can take longer. A well-thought design can take a number of months from idea to completion.
  • Designing a ring requires you to be involved in the process, which includes several meetings and collaboration.
  • The jeweller gets to have a say in the final design as he knows what metals and stones work well together.
  • You will not get to see, feel, and touch the ring until it has been manufactured.

How to Get It Right

While the specifics will vary depending on your needs and the jeweller you choose to collaborate with, there are a few things you can expect when getting your ring custom made.

  1. It Starts with a Sketch

Firstly, do you have a vision of what you want? You can try to sketch out the idea as best you can, keeping in mind that the more specific you can get, the more you can express your idea and vision to your jeweller to get what you want.

  1. Finding a Designer

Once you have your vision, you must find a jeweller who can do a custom design for you. Be sure to ask the jeweller to show you previous work and realize that the jeweller is an artist who may add a few of his own touches to your vision, so you must work together to ensure you like the elements of the ring.

  1. Collaborate

You must then carefully collaborate with the jeweller. Once the design is under way, you should review an illustration in full colour, or see a mock-up in wax of the final product so that you can give directions and input. The process may seem a little intimidating, but trust that the jeweller has the knowledge and experience to bring your beautiful vision to life.

  1. Guarantees and Warranties

Finally, take care with guarantees and warranties when you have your ring custom made. Make sure you get everything in writing from the elements you agreed to with the jeweller to the final appraisal that notes down the designer and custom design. Also, never forget to insure your ring, it is, after all, a valuable investment.

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