SPAR the hypermarket experience

October 26, 2018

I’m one of those people who loves shopping in super markets and hyper markets! The first SPAR hypermarket I ever visited was when I was in Europe and when it opened in India, I was soon a regular at SPAR. Recently a new SPAR with a new store design, and a lot of exciting features opened at Sarath City Mall in Hyderabad. It lives up to the tag #KothaSPARKothaAnubhooti!

I went for a visit and spent more than three hours shopping and looking around the store. Technology and innovation have always aided in giving us a better experience, and SPAR managed to utilise both to give their customers a new way of shopping. The first thing you notice when you enter the hypermarket is the Easy Buy section with chic traditional and western wear for men and women. I found good palazzos, kurtis and ethnic skirts for the festive season.

Another favourite part in the store was the Home Sweet Home section which had everything needed for home décor. An interactive display allows you to select your choice of curtains, bedspreads and other décor products, mix and match them to suit your tastes, and figure how they all look together before making a decision to purchase. I personally think this is a great way to get a visual idea of how each piece interacts with the others, and how  it would appear when put together for your home. It gives you much needed perspective and is an easy hack to figure out the colours that work together, the patterns that would look good and which piece goes where.

SPAR has a good selection of décor items that would be perfect for a creative home office. Personally, I was sold on the paintings they had, and little potted plants that would brighten up your space. I also happened to do some pre-diwali shopping since they had pretty candles and diyas stocked up!

The Beauty section has a new touch to it, it has a trial/makeover station added. And to have a makeover station in a store like this, which houses so many different brands is bliss!

The Farmer’s market was colourful with stocks of fruits and vegetables. I love fresh fruits, and this was just like shopping at your local fruit vendor, except it was clean, neat, air conditioned and really fresh! Got my share of juicy kiwis and oranges. And it’s not just fruits, they have a whole section of fresh vegetables and unlike other places, these are not pre-packed in boxes or plastic covers. They are fresh and ready to use!

The final icing on the cake was the SPAR kitchen, which had everything from sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and pastas. After a tired day of walking around the huge store, this is all you need. Fresh fruit juices, and some good food in your tummy!

The new SPAR experience is not like your regular hypermarket. It’s a wholesome experience that actually makes you enjoy browsing, shopping, trying on makeovers, utilizing their technology to figure out the best pieces for your home, and finally grab a bite and make a date out of it. Next time you are around Kondapur, don’t miss stopping by the new SPAR hypermarket at Sarath City Capital Mall.

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    Thank you so much!
    So glad I found your blog, it gave me the much needed push to do what I was dreaming of doing since last 2-3 years and i.e. to adopt a lifestyle like yours.

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