How to: 6 Styling ideas for skinny girls

October 21, 2018

All my life I’ve had what I thought were ‘sticks for hands’ (like a snowman) and chicken legs. Being on the skinny side my entire life was hard on me. I was always the tallest in my class. I had awkward long limbs. My short friends always made me feel like I was a giant walking next to them. And of course the teasing and name calling, and people acting like I would fall/fly/break-my-bones with a single touch, did not help in boosting my confidence. While everyone around me was praying for thighs slim enough to wear summer shorts, I was always cursing my chicken legs because it was impossible to find clothes that didn’t look like they were bought from the kids section.

So over the years I relied on styling myself in a way that would accentuate and highlight my slim figure rather than make it seem like clothes thrown over a hanger. Thankfully once I reached my mid-twenties, I put on enough weight and common sense, to make me confident in anything I wear. I’m still very much on the skinny side, but now I’m just thankful for whatever size I am and happy with it, without putting any labels on it.

But if you are someone like me, here are some tips on the kind of sillhoutes that would look great on you and make you feel comfortable in your own skin 🙂

1. Palazzos

Long legged people are blessed, because palazzos tend to look effortless and great on you. Go as narrow or as wide-legged as you want, because you can seldom go wrong. Plain, striped, printed, coloured – anything works! Pair with a crop top, a simple t-shirt, shirt, or a Kurti.

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2. Knee length A-line skirt

Skirts which are too short or too long might make your legs look skinny. A skirt that’s just below my knees works really well for me. The garment basically needs to be in proportion to your legs. If you are planning to wear short skirts, you can opt for a hem length that stops right at the beginning of the curviest/thickest part of your leg (like your thighs). Same goes for shorts as well. But finding the right length can sometimes be tricky. As for A-line skirts, they are the best bet!

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3. Full sleeves and 3/4th sleeves

Bell sleeves, ruffled sleeves and full sleeves accentuate your long limbs and the flare provides a distraction  while giving your arms some shape as well.

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5. Use a jacket

Jackets and blazers can be a great third piece of clothing to complete your outfit. They act as pieces that pull together your outfit. In both the outfits below, had I skipped adding a blazer, you would have seen me in a tight fitted pant/skirt, paired with a tight fitted top, with no curves at all. Adding a blazer covers that up, and gives you some artificial curves and an overall continuation to the top and bottom!

6. Peplum to give shape

Peplum tops are a boon for those of us who don’t have hips to boast about. Simply pair with with skinny jeans and you don’t need add anything else to it. Same goes for a peplum dress, or a peplum top with a skirt.

The important thing is to know how to dress for the occasion and be comfortable in what you wear!


  • Reply Xuan khanh October 24, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    These are great ideas for skinny girls. I would also like to apply your ideas. thank you.

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    The dressing is the thing who all notice and you have given a perfect article for skinny girls. I liked it totally!

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    Very useful for skinny girls. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Mita Chheda January 11, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    Every girl deserves to stay beautiful, I agree with the idea of wearing jackets and blazers, Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Highly appreciated.

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