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5 Myths About Semi-Permanent Make-Up Busted

October 9, 2018

Semi- permanent makeup is taking the makeup industry by a storm and a lot of women across the world are opting for it. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up looking absolutely fresh, perfect and ready to take on the day as effortlessly as they can? From outlining your lips to defining your brows, there’s possibly nothing that semi-permanent makeup can’t help you achieve. It lets you highlight your best features, without going through the hassle of putting on makeup each morning.

While well-established and reputed skincare clinics use procedures that are medically proven and pigments that are extremely safe, some people still have some misunderstanding and myths surrounding the same. Read on as we bust some of the popular myths about semi-permanent makeup.


MYTH 1- “It’s the same as cosmetic surgery”

This is one of the biggest myths that people tend to have. While the terms cosmetic surgery and semi-permanent makeup might sound similar, they actually are not. Cosmetic surgery is always a larger part of the beauty industry.

Although there’s a clinical set-up in case of semi-permanent makeup, it’s only for hygienic purpose and doesn’t involve any surgical procedure as such. Moreover, going for a procedure such as semi-permanent eyebrows from premium clinics will ensure that the pigment is delivered right into the dermal layer in a manner that makes the appearance completely natural.

MYTH 2 – “It hurts”

Most of the people wonder whether the procedure is going to hurt or not. Well, let us answer it for you!

First of all in most of the cases, a numbing cream is applied beforehand to make the pain almost negligible. Moreover, the extent of pain you are going to experience, by and large, depends upon factors such as skin type and the expertise of the dermatologist. While some say they found the procedure to be a bit uncomfortable, there are others who don’t feel anything at all. Many believe the sensation to be same as an electric toothbrush held against their skin.

MYTH 3- “Semi-permanent makeup is only meant for women”

While it’s a fact that makeup and beauty is often associated with women, but this doesn’t mean only women can avail it. Whether it’s transforming the brows via semi-permanent eyebrow treatment or redefining the lip line, semi-permanent makeup can enhance male features as well. A very subtle guy-liner is also popular these days and can help naturally enhance a male’s eye area.

MYTH 4 – “It looks unusual and fake”

Semi-permanent makeup has come a long way over the years. Moreover, with advancements in technology, pigments, machines and techniques, it has got better than before. Semi-permanent makeup is an aesthetic specialty which helps improve, correct and enhance the features in a natural way. Hence, the possibility of looking unusual or fake is next to negligible. There are chances of errors in cosmetic surgery but one can never go wrong with semi-permanent makeup. In fact, the whole purpose is to make you feel beautiful naturally.

MYTH 5 – “Semi-permanent makeup is same as getting a tattoo”-

There is often confusion about the procedure which gives rise to this myth. Although the machines used might look similar as the one used by a tattooist, but they are actually worlds apart. The semi-permanent makeup machines are designed to work at different speeds, have delicately small needles and also differ in the manner the color gets distributed. Hence, there is more attention to detail. Moreover, you would never be able to take a tattoo gun to your eye area in the same way.

With Aayna’s specialized semi-permanent makeup treatments, staying beautiful is not a hassle anymore. The medically proven procedures ensure that your skin stays safe and the desired results are achieved quite effortlessly.


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