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July 30, 2015

I’ve never believed in instant solutions. Anything that claims to provide me a solution in an hour or day – I stay away from it. Which is one reason why I usually don’t review beauty products on the blog because I don’t believe any shampoo or conditioner is going to transform my hair from rough and dry to so-shiny-that-its-blinding-my-eyes like the ones they show on tv ads. But these two products that I have been using have given such drastic visible results that I’m in love!

Two years back I had straightened my hair because I was studying and it was getting difficult to manage it on a daily basis. I had other things to focus on and couldn’t really spare time every day to style my hair. Any sort of chemical treatment will damage the hair, no matter what the salon says. After two years my hair got so rough and damaged and nothing that I did seemed to work

It was at the longest length that it ever was so I was trying my best to do everything I could for damage control without cutting it. Finally I had to go the salon where the hair stylist took one look and said it had to be all chopped off and that I wasn’t to go for any sort of chemical treatments until my hair was healthy again. This was back in January. Since then I have been taking good care of my hair with good diet, regular oiling and mind shampoos etc.

Now TIGI is a brand that I have had used on my hair in salons but never bothered to buy because I was pretty sure I couldn’t achieve that salon look on my own even if I had the entire product range at my disposal. But when they contacted me to try out a few products, I decided to give my favorite brand a go again!

TIGI Re-energize level 1 shampoo and conditioner

I just needed a daily pick me up that would keep my hair smooth and shiny and this works perfectly. In the beginning I felt the fruity fragrance was a bit too strong but it settles down after a while, leaving your hair smelling all fruity even a couple of days after the wash. No it didn’t transform my hair into something different but the very first time I used it I could see a drastic difference. It was softer, smoother and less frizzy. I’ve been using it for three weeks now!

TIGI Small Talk

Now this has been a lifesaver for my thin and fine hair. Just a pint sized drop of this and it gives me enough volume for me to style it the way I want and make it last all day along. I’ve already used it twice and I absolutely love it!

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