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ASUS Zenpad7 Experience

January 8, 2016

A week into 2016 and it already looks quite promising in terms of business opportunities and setting new personal benchmarks. I’ve recently been using my ASUS Zenpad 7 quite a bit and have discovered that it is the perfect gadget for me to have some ‘me’ time with. One thing that I have definitely learnt last year is to invest in good technology. Be it for your website, the kind of developer you hire, the kind of hosting you plan to go for your website, it is very important to consider long term growth along with your current scenario before deciding how much or what you need to invest in.

Same is the case with gadgets. For a business that is completely run online, you need the right kind of tools that would make your daily work more comfortable and efficient. I don’t use an ipad, but a tablet had been on my list since a long time now. Situations where I find it too cumbersome to carry my laptop around and it is not possible to do everything right from social media to replying to emails to posting new posts on the blog through my phone, is where my Zenpad 7 comes to the rescue.

It’s the perfect size to carry around and it also came with an audio cover that makes the experience of watching videos/movies a delight. It acts as both a cover and an external speaker with a stand, at once eliminating the need for three extra accessories. It is also super easy to interchange between the audio cover and the back case, making it easy to slip it out at any point of time.

This is also one of the first gadgets that I have personally seen with a fun little “Mirror” feature. No more checking your hair through the front camera option, when you can directly use the in-built mirror application. It has a 8mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera which is pretty much standard across many devices. But it has quite a few interesting camera settings (that actually work) like ‘depth of field’ which gives a beautiful bokeh effect for close up shots, a selfie panorama for all the times someone’s head got cut off in a group selfie or you wished you had extendable arms! There are various modes available to experiment with, so many that I doubt you will need to download any other photography app.

Until now the battery has lasted me a decent 8-10 hours and that includes excessive instagramming and watching videos. So it works perfectly for browsing, reading and watching videos combined with the audio cover. All in all, it is a very good product for the price of Rs.11,999/-. It you are on a tight budget and looking for a tab, then this does a pretty decent job filling that gap. You won’t be disappointed!

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