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August 31, 2017

My blog has been my baby for 4 years now. It’s been through name changes, content changes, life changes and so much more.

While it started off as a personal blog with two readers exactly (hi mom and dad), it now has a loyal readership and a steady stream of collaborations with brands that I love working with!

Although I technically started this blog in 2010, it had a different name then, and completely different kind of content. I started with what I am doing right now (fashion, lifestyle, travel) in 2013, which has been one of the best decisions ever.

I had given a lot of thought before naming my blog – The Girl At First Avenue.

I wanted a blog that would encompass all of my interests. Although I started with fashion blogging, I didn’t want a name that would restrict the kind of content I put up on the website. Back in the good old days of blogging, before brand collaborations, fancy events and instagram numbers, the whole purpose of blogging was to have an online diary of sorts where you could document your life. And that was exactly what I wanted. A blog about The Girl At First Avenue (since my house street was called first avenue), and her crazy, whimsical journey and stories.

What the blog has finally grown into is this one giant umbrella that houses various different branches & side stories. After personal style posts, I added fashion as another category. And then came along beauty, DIY’s and my absolute favourite TRAVEL. After creating stories with pictures, I naturally branched in creating videos, and my Youtube channel started off as an extension of the blog.

Getting married was another aspect of the journey of The Girl At First Avenue. And since it was such a huge part of my life, I had to branch out in that direction as well.

Some of you might remember that a while back, I started a new instagram account called StuckTogether (You can read the story behind it here). My husband Kalyan has his own quirky & crazy personality and we both love travel. I wanted a space that would capture all of that, without diluting my main brand, and at the same time somehow seamlessly fit into it as well and be a part of the original journey. So #Stucktogether became our new hashtag for everything we did together. Our daily life, our tryst with new places, traveling together and just figuring out what married life & being stuck with each other meant!

I am happy to announce that #Stucktogether has now found a permanent presence under the giant umbrella (TGAFA), and we are excited to bring new, different and interesting content to you guys! You can browse the #Stucktogether on the main menubar for all posts/collabs that fall under it. Stucktogether does have it’s own (baby) blog but for now, all the content would be going up here first, while we take time to build the new baby!

For the TGAFA loyalists, don’t worry, I’m still going continue posting the regular posts that I do on the blog. In fact I plan to post more often, and bring you more personal engaging stories from my life, blogging and everything else that I get up to!

Hope you continue to love and support us through this new phase as well! 🙂

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