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#4fabulous hair with HimalayaPersonalCare

January 25, 2019

Last week I attended Himalaya Personal Care’s session on hair care and maintenance, and now that it has been a week since the hair treatment, I can put down my honest thoughts about how it feels right now.

The whole point of the session was to make a ‘healthy hair ka vadaa’ to yourself. This was much needed for someone like me who utterly lacks self discipline. I must admit that hair care hasn’t been a priority off-late, with the usual excuse of ‘I’m too busy for a hair spa’ doing the rounds. On top of that, all my recent travels have resulted in dry, dull and damaged hair because of the change in water in each place.

Hair-fall is the biggest concern of damaged hair and Himalaya’s 4 step regime promises to address just that!

Their new range of products are designed to be gentle on your hair and nourish it back to health. The first step is to oil your hair with the Himalaya Anti-Hairfall oil & massage it into your scalp. Second step, is to add some steam to lock in that moisture for those dry ends. The third step is to shampoo and condition with their anti-hairfall products. And the last step is to add a hair cream/mask to give your hair some healthy bounce!

A week after the treatment, my hair still feels pretty soft. Dry hair cannot be cured overnight, it takes a lot of discipline and regular nurturing and using the right products. But with this #4fabuloushair 4 step regime, it’s definitely a start!

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