Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monsoon Challenge at Inorbit Mall

Last month I was invited by InOrbit mall, along with a couple of other bloggers, to take part in a fun challenge. InOrbit is one mall where you'll find all your favorite brands under one roof, making it easy to put together a whole head-to-toe outfit. Since almost every store and brand had launched their monsoon collection, we were given a task of putting together a whole new Monsoon Look based on a theme of our choice. The slight twist was that we were given a budget of Rs.5000 and a limited time of an hour and a half only! I've always been a fast shopper and decision maker so I was pretty confident that I would finish way before the time limit. But it's just not that easy, specially when you have the camera crew following you everywhere, filming your every move, and throwing questions at you right in the middle of deciding between between a high-low dress or printed pants. Tough decisions eh?

Nonetheless it was really fun to have met some other cool bloggers Swati (The Rickrack project) and Sangeeta(The Lipstick Addict), and to have been dashing in and out of stores with a camera guy in tow, much to the amusement of other shoppers!

For me monsoons are all about going bright on colors and light on accessories. So I decided to go for a boho-casual look by keeping it very simple. After a lot of hunting in Max, Globus, Lifestyle, Chemistry and other stores, I finally picked a bright red kaftan top from AND. To let the color of the top stand out, I picked a monochrome houndstooth print pant from Lifestyle (which was one size bigger but I got it altered now). Finished the look with simple charcoal grey sandals from Shopper's Stop and a big turquoise statement ring and silver midi rings from Accessorize.

Thanks to InOrbit mall for hosting a fun event and to fellow bloggers who added to the madness! :)

Watch the video here!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've never been much of a sporty girl except for a phase in school where I was totally into playing basketball and then another in college where I was totally into playing badminton and table tennis. After than my favorite 'sport' became foosball *ahem* And for those who disagree, it is a tough sport okay? You try playing it for three continuous hours starting at midnight, when you are already dead tired from giving presentations all day, to win an imaginary championship. Hmph.

I've never owned any sporty baseball tees either but when I saw this one, I decided I needed it. Fearless and Sporty - two things that we all need to be in life (and in fashion too if I may say so!). After a recent revelation to a rather ugly, self-centered side of some people I know, I'm all the more proud of my fearlessness. And by fearlessness I mean not being afraid to have an opinion of my own, voicing it and sticking to it. Not being afraid of believing in something strongly just because others don't see it.

In the words of Charles Bukowski, "When you believe in something or you decided to try something, you need to go all the way, irrespective of how others feel. Otherwise don't even start. This could mean losing friends, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on the park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery - isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you are going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the Gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is. 

Jeans: Gifted | Tee: Maxfashions | Shoes: Stevemadden | Necklace: Gifted

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lights, camera and Blog!

Ever wished that you could freeze time at a particular point in your life? Silly question. Of course you have! There are these precious moments of perfection, fleeting moments really, that you want to capture and store in a jar and sprinkle it with fairy dust so that it never goes missing. But it's surprising and downright insulting to those precious memories, how fast your brain starts to forget them. Not all at once, but over time, the picture gets hazy, a few details are missed. You think back 'Did that happen on a Saturday or a Friday?' or 'Was I at home when I got the call?' or 'Was it in September?' Eventually you are left with a shadow of the memory, that can never match up to its true form. But we can't freeze time. Period.

Which is why most of us go click-click-crazy and snap pictures of anything and everything that we hold close to our heart. Sometimes I'm frustrated with the number of pictures I've accumulated over the years (anyone else a hoarder?). But the little jolts of recollections that you get when you go through them is a feeling like none other. That's exactly what my blog has become to me. A book of memories, a scrapbook, a portfolio, a depository of everything good, weird and beautiful. It's no surprise that when I need to recollect the date of some event or some place I've been to, I scroll back through my blog and search for it!

So I decided to dedicate this post to my (camera) trigger happy self, and my beloved camera. In keeping with the theme, I wore this bright orange, camera print shift dress. They are the easiest to wear, most versatile and easiest to accessorize. The moment I saw this fabric I knew I wanted to make something out of it, because the print looked so cute! Take a look at the pictures while I take another walk through memory lane! :)

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shift dress, how to make a shift dress, indian fashion blog, top indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, how to wear shift dress, the girl at first avenue, hyderabad fashion blog

shift dress, how to make a shift dress, indian fashion blog, top indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, how to wear shift dress, the girl at first avenue, hyderabad fashion blog

shift dress, how to make a shift dress, indian fashion blog, top indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, how to wear shift dress, the girl at first avenue, hyderabad fashion blog
Dress: FirstAvenueStyle Collection | Shoes, Sunglasses: Forever21 | Bag: Gifted | Earrings,bracelet: Ginger

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LimeRoad Contest (Closed)

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a) You can enter the contest on instagram or twitter or facebook or even comment below! (That's a lot of options!).
b) You can enter how many ever times you want until the contest ends.
c) The most creative entry will be chosen as the winner!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A walk in Interlaken, Switzerland | Globetrotter

Switzerland has always been a popular destination for us Indians. Be it newlyweds who want a Swiss honeymoon or bollywood directors who want snowcapped mountains as scenic song backgrounds, this beautiful country is always the #1 choice! So naturally when I got the chance to turn a work trip into a full fledged holiday with the promise of swiss chocolates and frolicking in the snow, I grabbed at it without a second thought.

Interlaken is a little town in Switzerland, sandwiched between two lakes on either side. And of course it is famous for its popular Jungfrau Park. Every road you turn into is as picturesque as the previous one and its populated with cute Bed 'n Breakfast places all over. Of course, it's also very expensive but that's the price you pay to enjoy this 

So let's take a walk around town while I give you reasons why it is worth a trip!

You get to enjoy lush green views and snowy mountains at a distance. All this with warm and bright sunshine!